Mario Badescu Skin Care : Buttermilk Moisturizer


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Winter always wrecks my skin, leaving it dry, red, and surly. My hands get all shriveled and cracked, probably thanks (at least in part) to too many winters spent running around a farm without gloves.

My recent round of Retin A – I’m combating a wee patch of hyper-pigmentation and do not want to use hydroquinone – has tripled the surly. Even with a healthy dose of moisturizer and a blend of face oils, the dry patches won’t budge.

I received a sample of Buttermilk Moisturizer in an Ulta order, which ended up sitting in a basket with numerous other packets and sample vials. I’m on a Retin-A break for a few weeks, as it caused dry eye, and decided to test drive some of the bits in my samples basket, starting with this moisturizer.

MO_buttermi(Image taken from company website, hyperlinked above.)

I love it. Absolutely love it. It is very hydrating, hasn’t upset my sensitive eyelids, and cooperates with my combination skin beautifully. My skin feels velvety, without a trace of shine. My only complaint is that it isn’t paraben free. I will be placing an order when my sample runs out (at Nordstrom, so as to use Ebates ;)).

Mario Badescu is one of the cult lines I never really got around to experimenting with. Most of the products seem simple and solid, without puffed up novelty ingredients or ridiculous price tags. * I’m definitely curious now.

* Many popular actives in prestige lines are inexpensive:

  • You can buy DMAE, caffeine, vitamin C, manuka honey, and hyaluronic acid powders to add to your favorite creams for much less than the luxury products.** Just make sure that you research the company selling the actives, the solubility of the actives, and the recommended concentration of the powders before you experiment. Wrong turns can make the products ineffective or irritating.
  • Potent retinoid (2%) and glycolic acid products (30%) are easily found for under $30.



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As luck – if that’s the proper word for it – would have it, I ended up squarely under the weather last weekend, effectively nixing my ability to keep social commitments or attend to errands. Housebound and surly, I decided to muck about with nail polish.

Like you do.

I was going to make one. Just one. I had the concept every sort of ready to execute, then quickly realized I lacked the necessary pigment for a topaz blue.*

I ended up with seven polishes as a result.

None are named. I tend to suck at that as a rule, although I have been debating what theme I’d adopt if and when I have the time to reopen my Etsy shop.

At the moment, my favorite idea is a “The Crazy Ex” collection. I’m blaming several recent conversations. And my many-years-ago fondness for this LJ Community.

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Saucebox Etude Palette


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Instagram should be renamed EnableTown.

See swatch-> browse company website -> fall swiftly down the I Need That rabbit hole.
And not just nail polish: I’ve discovered Pretty Zombie Cosmetics, Lunatick Cosmetic Labs, Sunna Claore Cosmetics, Melt Cosmetics, and Coloured Raine. I have a multi-page wishlist as a result. But for self-control, I’d be in trouble.

The Saucebox Etude palette caught my eye early in the summer. I love matte shadows. I love neutrals. And I am a sucker for red-toned browns. A longish wait later, the backorder was over and my palette arrived.

iphone 127
I am a sucker for packaging, and this palette is no slouch on that count. The outer box mimics the palette design, and both include a shade listing on the back. Continue reading

Pare Down. Stock Up.


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I recently purged a ton of makeup, gifting most of it to a friend’s teen daughter. Shortly thereafter, a MUA friend purged a large swath of her kit to make room for new things, and I ended up with a few new products for next-to-nothing. As in new or almost new eye palettes for five bucks. And a few freebies, because my friend rocks.

I mucked about with a few of my acquisitions this weekend, since I was a bit under the weather and stuck inside. Some I loved. Some I was underwhelmed by.

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow,
 Tissé Vénitien.

I was very surprised by the silver in this palette. It manages to be super molten metal shiny without fallout (others were not as lucky with fallout) or looking like shimmery-caked-Hell. It blends out quite sheer  — I’m betting it works great with a wet brush — but that’s not a deal breaker.  Its palette mates are similarly cooperative.

That said, I’d expect a lot more at that price point. Inglot and Urban Decay shadows, aside from fallout issues with the latter, perform as well or better for substantially less.

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Recent Mixes


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A heavy workload (plus a substantial serving of family health issues) has been keeping me busy. At this juncture, I am unsure as to when I will be able to reopen my Etsy shop again — I’d planned to in August — but I am still mucking about with pigments.

OK…I have only been able to dedicate one day to doing so since early summer, but it was a good luck sort of experimenting day. I started off attempting a color match for a friend’s wedding dress — image behind the cut, on the very off chance her Mister might see it — and branched out into a Multichrome All The Things mode.

I also made a few shimmers and one glittery jelly. And this, my favorite, which was a complete accident:

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Link Spam, Wham Bam

I don’t know; it rhymed.

I have a few bottles up from a planned destash on StoreEnvy.

I will gradually be adding more — leftover spring shades from Etsy and a few prototypes — and, as soon as I magically find the time, re-opening the Etsy shop with fall shades.

I also have two swatcher sets to assemble, all of which was delayed by a few [not my] health issues.

My husband is swamped preparing/practicing for a show next month, so that glorious thing known as free time should be mine soon😉


Swatch Spam: I Should Rename This Blog “Slacquer”


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As always, I am behind. Instagram is much easier to do on the fly, I am lazy, etc. I suck. Fail. Whatever the kids call it these days.

As a mea culpa of sorts, albeit one that will require renewal when I inevitably slack again, three swatches in one post.

  • SpaRitual Its Raining Men
  • I Love Nail Polish Princess Diaries
  • Contrary Polish Westport


Its Raining Men is a gorgeous blue duochrome. I’d been debating it for ages, but negative reviews — four coats with VNL? No thank you! — stayed my hand. For a while.


I’m guessing it was reformulated. This is two coats with topcoat. Continue reading